Asbestos Removal Perth

Asbestos Removal in Perth

Have you discovered asbestos in your home?

When you find asbestos, this can mean a couple of things.

It can be safe for your family if left alone and other times, it needs removed by a professional right away.

Asbestos fibers were added during roofing and siding production in the past because it strengthened and increased their durability.

The use of asbestos has since decreased rapidly but you’ll still see it older homes from the asphalt roofing shingles to the roof underlayment.

You can discover asbestos by hiring a professional to inspect and sample the material for potential asbestos.

While you don’t have to remove asbestos roofing because it’s not actually posing a hazard to your health, you could find yourself in a bad situation if the roof becomes damaged.

As long as your roof is in good condition there is nothing to worry about, but for those that want a new roof or find themselves with roof damage, you can’t just repair it on your own.

You’ll need a professional to handle the job because they know the proper safety precautions to use and have the proper equipment for the job.

Here is a look at what you need to know about asbestos removal in Perth and who to call for the job.

History of Asbestos

Asbestos are a heat-resistant fibrous, natural mineral woven into fabrics and insulating materials.

Not only was it heat-resistant, but it added strength and insulating properties making it perfect for construction and cement.

It was being used in everything and even for military use.

Eventually they learned that asbestos is highly toxic and today has been proven to cause mesothelioma cancer.

Most people exposed to this in their work end up being military veterans, but also plumbers, pipefitters, steam fitters and electricians are the most vulnerable to it.

Most asbestos-related illness are traced to occupational exposure and sometime it can be second-hand exposure, like when a family of workers bring the deadly fibers home with them and spread it to others.

Homes built before 1980 often contain asbestos and it gets released with normal wear and tear over time.

While it’s found in the roof. It can also be found in the floor, tiles, furnaces, plumbing and fireplace.

Asbestos DIY 

It’s a very BAD idea to try to remove asbestos yourself.

While asbestos doesn’t normally cause harm if left untouched in a good condition roof.

The minute you disturb it with renovations or roof damage from a storm, it can now become dangerous to your health.

Many people are into the latest fad of the DIY, or do-it-yourself, mentality and want to try to save money by fixing or creating things themselves.

This is one area of your home that is very dangerous to DIY and typically won’t save you much money or time.

You’ll also find that you’ve put so much energy into the project that you could have paid the professionals to do it properly for you, more efficiently and it would have allowed you to save yourself the headache.

While it can be great to try to DIY on some projects in your home, your roof is just not safe enough to be trying to tackle yourself because you could potentially disturb harmful asbestos.

Asbestos Removal Contractors in Perth

Asbestos removal in Perth can be cost effective and a great place to invest your money.

It’s typically found in older homes and for those owners that are looking to renovate and update their home.

You can rest assure the job done thoroughly, safely and in a timely manner.

Since it is such a dangerous job to do without much knowledge or experience, calling Chris McSwain is the obvious answer since they are familiar with the regulations for asbestos removal in Perth.

Along with your roof containing asbestos, it’s very likely that you could find it in other areas of the home as well.

Solutions 4 Roofing has even handled asbestos fence removal in Perth and knows how to properly handle asbestos disposal in Perth.

We’ve have done asbestos removal in Perth and are familiar on the proper safety procedures when handling this for various areas of Perth and Western Australia.

Asbestos Removal Service

If you find yourself in need of asbestos removal or other roof needs, Solutions 4 Roofing can do it all.

They are always being called for reroofing needs, roof repairs from leaks and roof restoration.

Some Perth residents are just looking for someone to bring life back into their current roof again and Chris handles this well with roof restorations which includes power washing, fixing any damage or rust and giving it a fresh coat.

If you’re looking for a new roof, they would recommend the Colorbond roofing that many Perth residents are switching to; a steel, durable, recyclable material that is an affordable and beautiful option.

They are bringing value back into homes and businesses all over Perth by putting time and care into roofs around the region.

When you find yourself with an asbestos situation or ready to renovate and concerned about running into this, call the professionals at Solutions 4 Roofing to take care of the situation without risking anybody’s health.

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