Colorbond Roofing Perth

Colorbond Roofing Perth

Have you noticed many homes and businesses with colorbond roofs in the area?

These are one of the hottest roofing choices in Perth right now because they fit perfectly into the Australian look and feel.

They can handle the area’s climate perfectly and fit into homes and businesses various looks from homes in the outback to buildings in the mountains.

All roofs in Perth should be using colorbond material because it’s recyclable, durable, affordable and beautiful.

It comes in a variety of colors and designs making it hard to beat.

It’s not corrosive or heat conductive like metal roofs either.

Re roofing is the challenge with Colorbond roofing because typically a roof replacement is going to be required rather than roof repairs with these steel roofs.

The good news is the affordable pricing makes this a minimal issue.

For homeowners that need a new roof for their newly built home or want to replace their old fretting tiles, colorbond is the perfect modern solution for your roofing needs.

Your home will gain value and a better level of safety from the new roof choice you’ve made.

Now, why is everyone getting colorbond roofs in Perth and who can I call to install one?

Colorbond Roofing Services

Colorbond Roofing is a steel roofing option commonly used in Australia.

It can actually be used in roofing, guttering, fencing, sheds or garages, patios or pergolas and walling.

You can choose from 22 excellent colour options that will fit everything from contemporary to traditional homes, curved to skillion and convex to concave roofing styles.

It will last for years to come because it’s been tested and proven.

It has a long life performance with a durable, baked-on paint finish to resist peeling, chipping and cracking.

It’s non-combustible, weather tight and termite resistant.

It’s a really secure roofing option for business and home owners in Perth.

The colorbond roofing price is affordable because it uses many recycled materials.

It can handle some of the harshest climates in Australia and it will look beautiful in any part of town.

Choose from a variety colours:

  • Woodland Grey for your mountain home
  • Paperbark for your suburban abode
  • Manor Red for an outback home
  • Shale Grey for your beach house.
  • Cove, a warm golden yellow and grey combination perfect for almost any building.
  • Evening Haze, a green shade that will remind you of a coastal landscape, limestone dunes or the desert sand
  • Gully, a strong and warm colour that would be perfect for a residential building because it goes well with other building materials and finishes
  • Surfmist, for a timeless white snowy shade

Colorbond roofing is great because it uses Thermatech technology on almost all of the colour choices.

This technology is designed to optimise the solar reflectance properties which mean it’s easier to power your home and heat your home in cooler weather.

Using recyclable materials makes this roof one of the world’s most reusable materials.

It’s cost effective to transport since the material is so lightweight and it’s way more efficient to install.

There isn’t wastage happening on site either because it’s delivered pre-cut to building sites.

Not only will your home or business look great, but it will be more durable, lightweight, and sustainable and offer many other advantages.

New Colorbond Roofing

There’s no better time to get a roof replacement in Perth and choosing a colorbond roof is the perfect way to give your home a new lease on life.

It will offer you a reliable roof for years to come and this is great for folks that want to pass on their home to their kids someday.

Getting a new roof in Perth is easy when you work with the right professionals and Solutions 4 Roofing is the perfect place to call.

They have so much experience working in the Perth area with roof replacements, colorbond roofing, roofing repairs and restoration jobs.

Whether you are considering a re roof in Perth or want to go ahead with a new colorbond roof, they will come to the site to give you an estimate of the work.

Colorbond Roofing Benefits

With old fretting tiles, it’s a big sign that it’s time to replace the roof and colorbond roofing is the perfect route to go.

It’s the perfect investment into your home because it will bring your more value as it appreciates over time.

If you plan to sell soon, your new colorbond roof will be a huge upsell to potential buyers.

Those working in real estate or that invest in businesses will love the idea that the building they work from has reliable colorbond roofing too.

Solutions 4 Roofing Services?

The professionals at Solutions 4 Roofing have been working on roofing needs for years.

They are experienced in Perth and not only see colorbond roofing popping up everywhere but are the experts at installing this favourite new roofing style.

They are getting calls left and right to install the reliable colorbond roofing into homes and businesses offering a beautiful look.

It’s obvious why everyone is getting colorbond roofing for their roof in Perth.

Call Us today to ask about how you can get a colorbond roof in your home or business