Re Roofing Company

Re Roofing Company

Why Re-Roofing Is Better than a Roof Restoration

Roof issues in your Perth home or business are not fun to deal with.

You may be thinking that your old roof just needs a little restoration to bring it back to life.

Maybe you’re thinking that you just need some roof repairs done or some tile repairs and you’ll be back in shape in no time.

While you may not want to spend the money to get a new roof done on your home, sometimes a roof renovation is just a temporary solution.

It’s like putting a Band-Aid on a broken bone; it may seem like it’s helping the damage but in reality, it’s just a temporary aid to a bigger problem.

Eventually, the real issue is going to rear its ugly head and you’ll be back to square one before you know it.

Rather than getting a roof restoration that is only going to act as Band-Aid to the real issue, here is a look at why re-roofing is going to be a better option for your home or business in Perth.

Re Roofing Company

Re Roofing in Perth is a matter of replacing your old roof with a brand new, reliable and durable option.

Your old roof may have aged over the years, which means it may be run down from the elements or may have had a small amount of damage that didn’t get handled efficiently.

Perhaps your roof has corrosion or old fretting tiles.

These are all perfect reasons why many will choose to get re-roofing done rather than just roof repairs in Perth home and businesses.

Roof restoration is just going to bring your roof back to life for a few years but it’s still going to need a replacement at some point in its lifetime.

Re Roofing or Roof Restoration

Determining whether a roof repair is in order or a roof replacement will depend on a few factors.

Obviously roof repairs will save time and money between labor and materials, but it’s only a temporary fix.

The re-roofing in Perth cost is not so bad when you choose affordable options that will sustain itself for a long life.

How do you decide if it’s time for re-roofing?

Consider whether your home’s roof is one layer or multiple layers.

A single layer roof with no roof deck issues may be acceptable for a simple restoration and repair.

With roofs two layers deep, replacing the entire roof is safer than placing on a third layer of roofing as a simple renovation trick.

Sometimes it depends on the material of roof.

If you have a roof made of asphalt shingles, it’s easy to repair the roof and renovate.

For a metal roof or colorbond roof, it’s most likely going to be too difficult to repair the roof and a replacement may be in order.

For roof repairs one a low pitch roof, it’s going to be easier to fix than it would be on a two-story home with a steep pitch.

Be sure to have a new roof for existing roofs in very poor condition, with bad decking, with too many layers or with bad, incompatible shingles.

An overlay is not going to last as long as a brand new roof so if you’re interested in a longer life span, go with a brand new roof.

Re Roofing Services 

Your roof is a huge investment so as any investor would know, it’s important to put your money into something with longevity and that will increase in value over time.

Home owners that are trying to decide between getting their roof renovated and try to get their roof replaced know that it’s an expensive undertaking.

But one that will bring their home a safe, reliable source of protection for many years to come.

Your home will appreciate over time and the new roof will bring it more value.

Keep in mind the functionality, the aesthetics and the roofing company when deciding how to handle your roofing needs.

You want your roof to make sense for the area you live in, so choosing Colorbond is wise in Perth.

Collorbond meet the standards for wind resistance while steel and metal are affordable and look great in the outback.

Make sure you’ve considered the aesthetics and choose something that will give your curb appeal and match your home’s design.

From Tiles to colorbond, there are many choices that could fit your home’s look.

Having a reliable roofing company to advise you on whether or not you need a new roof is vital and Solutions 4 Roofing is the perfect choice in the Perth area.

Give us a call and we will be able to advise you on whether a new roof is the right option for you.