Roof restoration – Keeping troubles away with a flawless roof

renovation-old-house-perth-architectsHave you ever considered getting a roof restoration on your newer home in Perth?

While you may be thinking that modern homes are too new to need roof work done, you may want to think about this.

Roofs are one of those things that you may not put much thought into until something bad happens like a leak or storm damage.

Did you realize that this is actually one of the biggest expenses on your home and most important investments?

All it requires is bi-annual check-ups and your roof’s maintenance and upkeep will be under control.

Having a roofing professional come out twice a year is the perfect way to make sure there aren’t any issues that are going to come up soon and that everything is well-maintained and clean.

It’s a way to make sure no damage has started, no rust is showing up and no mold is forming.

Roof Restoration – A Modern Home

Roof restorations are perfect for a newer, modern home.

Older homes typically need reroofing and damage repairs while newer roofs on modern homes usually just need regular maintenance and restoration work.

It’s a great way to keep your real estate investment in great shape and to keep its value high.

As soon as your roof begins to deteriorate, your home or building’s value will deteriorate as well.

What Is Roof Restoration?

Roof restoration is a cost-effective way to keep your roof in top-notch condition for years to come.

It keeps your home or commercial building looking beautiful and luxurious with a simple clean up, fix up and fresh coating.

Roof restoration is a temporary solution to prolong the use of your building’s roof by giving it a thorough cleaning, fixing any damages and recoating the whole thing.

Extending the life of your roof is smart when roof replacement can get expensive.

This cost-effective solution is popular among residents of the region because the cost of roof restoration in Perth is very affordable.

Many homeowners of modern homes need roof restorations in Perth the most because they are not quite to the point of need reroofing services yet.

Roof restorations for concrete tile is the act of pressure washing the roof in its entirety, removing ridge caps and re-bedding if needed, re-pointing all ridge caps with a polymer based flexible pointing mortar before applying a sealer or primer coat to the entire roof.

Lastly, two or more acrylic membrane coats are applied in the colour of your choice.

The process varies depending on the type of roof as with a colorbond, galvanised iron or zincalume roof, you’ll have any light rust treated through grinding and applying potent rust convertor.

Then sheets are replaced where rust can’t be treated and any loose or rusty nails and screwed are replaced.

The roof is then cleaned and a metal etch primer coat is applied before applying the acrylic membrane coats in the colour you choose.

Terracotta tiles start with a strong mold killer to the entire roof before pressure cleaning it, removing ridge caps, re-bedding, re-pointing all ridge caps and applying two coats of Terracotta glaze.

Along with the obvious benefits of roof restoration giving your roof new life and a great new look, restoration has other great benefits that will save you too.

You’ll usually get tax credits and sometimes can mean energy rebates if you implement energy efficient elements.

Rather than dispose your old roof to a landfill when you reroof too soon, you’ll temporarily eliminate the need for disposal by making the roof you currently have last longer.

While you still may reroof someday, this will buy you more time with your current roof.

For commercial buildings, it will be easier to expense the cost of roof restorations rather than to try to get funding for a reroof.

A restoration can also upgrade your roof to a better insurance class giving you more savings.

Lastly, your roof restoration will go quicker, be cleaner and less labour intensive meaning that it won’t interrupt too much of your time.

Is Roof Restoration Right For Me?

Roof restoration is a great option for modern homes with newer roofs.

They probably don’t quite need a total reroofing job and can live much longer with a simple roof restoration.

Typically, a roofing professional can check out your roof to make sure it’s the right type of roof to have a restoration done.

We will inspect your roof no more than six months prior to restoration to see if there is an adequate slope, to learn about the history of roof leaks, to learn about the condition of the insulation and underlying deck as well as to find out the precise location of any water penetration.

Solutions 4 Roofing handles many roof restorations and is the perfect company to call for your roofing needs.

We handle roof restorations on Colorbond roofs in Perth and any other type of roofing material.

You can talk to references and look online for reviews on roof restoration in Perth to see that we has an excellent reputation.

Call us to get a free estimate on roofing restoration for your modern home in Perth.